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Teh Lexicon© (with kudos to Joeschmo)

  • Gerbil Nation - the name of the DHD community once it moved to Teh Squeaky Wheel, or TSW. TSW 
  • Army of Gerbils - the DHD community, adapted from a comment from a defender of Ms. Frisch on her blog. With gerbil size keyboards tapping certain function keys, the army of gerbils is able to influence Frisch's behavior. A reference to Glenn Reynolds' book, An Army of Davids.

In 2006, Deb Frisch-watchers quickly realized that Teh Deb lacks
basic English comprehension skillz. Specifically, she often uses
words in a way that doesn't jibe with tehir definitions.

As teh list grew longer, Joeschmo finally encoded teh first collection
of "Debinitions."
Here they are (with a few extras thrown in since

Teh Lexicon©
  • Debinitions - The meanings of words of words or phrases Ms. Frisch uses in her rants.
    1. coerce - When people remind Debbie that her criminal behavior has legal consequences. Ex: "I was coerced into accepting a plea-bargain, since if I didn't, I'd get convicted at trial and get a heavier sentence."
    2. pedophile - 1. Someone who sees the humor in having their likeness Photoshopped onto a box of children's cereal, which has been obscenely renamed, by a political opponent. 2. Someone who blogs from home, using "grown-up" words. 3. Any male with a young child I disagree with.
    3. humor - Count with out the O. See pedophile 1. Cuz it's a pun. Get it? *tap tap* is this thing on?
    4. stalking - 1. what I'm accused of doing, but didn't. 2. What others do to me by quoting me to my boss.
    5. lie - What other people say, using "facts" and "logic" to confuse the truth, which is whatever I say it is.
    6. Freedom of Speech - saying whatever it takes for me to get banned, so that I can claim victimhood for having my free speech rights violated. Oh, and my previous post doesn't exist. And you're stalking me for leaving it up. i never said it.
    7. ethics - What you violate when I don't like what you do.
    8. legality - whatever I think is fair for me.
    9. idiot - Everyone but me. I am the smartest person leaving comments.
    10. stupid - What I call everyone when they stump me with logic, reason or big words that I don't understand and can't pronounce. This is my catch-all term when I am outgunned in a battle of wits.
    11. google - A mythical website that I am constantly told to use, yet I can not find a link to it anywhere. I firmly believe that the little pissants tell me to use this while tinkling on my ankle to throw me off since I am way more smart than they are and they fear my big brain.
    12. Comedy - My rants that other people would laugh at if they weren't so stupid.
    13. popular culture - What?
    14. peeps - my masses
    15. actionable - Anything you say about me that I don't like is something I can sue about, even if what you say is true.
    16. let's agree to disagree - even though my position is completely ridiculous and yours is based on objective reality, but I don't want to admit that I'm wrong, so I'll just concede the point without admitting I'm wrong.
    17. real democracy - a form of government where comments in the blogosphere would be edited, and sick, murderous, on the way to nazi land comments would be deleted and the perpetrators reprimanded, of course, I would be the one to the do the editing and deleting.
    18. academentia - Any university whose members fail to recognize my genius and deny me tenure.
    19. creeps - any user who I think is a blog troll simply because they disagree with me.
    20. pissant - anyone who doesn't agree with me.
    21. repugnant - what someone is who won't shut up when I tell them to.
    22. cyberterrorist - Anyone who uses publicly available information from the Internet to hold me accountable for my actions.
    23. pretend - to act on facts grounded in reality that I want to ignore.
    24. compensation - Giving me money you made on your website when you quoted me, or else I'll write kiddie porn starring your children. That is not extortion! How dare you say that! That's actionable!
    25. positive ID - A nun telling me that my stalking victim doesn’t work at her church. Well! She can’t fool me! I R teh smrtest!
And here's some "inside slang" used by Frisch-watchers...
  • teh crazy® (also teh cray zee®, debonics) - a combination of ebonics, misspelled words, and profanity which mark Frisch's posts and responses to those she disagrees with, which is always taken personally. Attributed to Ace of Ace of Spades who posted her comments, misspellings and all, to be held up to ridicule. teh is the mispelling of "the" and is used to reference anything Frisch related. Examples:
    • "i have a phuquing pee aitch dee, got noo rons?" trans. - I have a fucking Ph.D. Got neurons?
    • "deb ee don play dat, ephu lawbaw!" trans. - Debbie does not play that, F you, lawyer boy.
  • teh cycle® - the weekly buildup and occurrence of teh crazy®. It has been suggested that Frisch begins drinking as the weekend starts, which leads to her more memorable posts, usually beginning Thursday night.
  • teh WTF Vodka™ - Frisch's alleged drink of choice when she begins teh cycle®. The abbreviation stands for "What the Fuck?"
  • teh whatt® - the physical material produced from "you-know-whatting." For Frisch, it was a reference to crying, which was immediately turned into something scatalogical in her own comment board. Now used as a reference to the physical aftermath of any teh crazy® post.
  • vodka thirty - the approximate time teh crazy® begins, coinciding with Frisch's first incoherent rant of the weekend. Adapted from beer thirty or gin o'clock, the time of day socially accepted to begin drinking. Usage: "It's always vodka thirty somewhere!"
  • sock puppeting - the use of several different, usually funny and relevant, names when leaving comments. Adapted from IP Addresses, also known as sockets, which can be traced to show that the different names are being used by the same computer. For the DHD community, several members have connected sock puppeting to the Muppet Show because of Frisch's posted pictures of stuffed animals. To choose your favorite muppet, visit this site to screen capture the muppet's image. JPG Directory is here.
  • poetry slams - Frisch posts poetry regularly. Her poetry is usually straight posts of Robert Service, her adaptations to them, and rants with simple rhyme schemes with no attention to meter. The DHD community has taken this to heart by beating her at her own game, with brilliant adaptations to "'Twas the Night Before Christmas," "The Jabberwocky," and "Casey At The Plate." Song lyric adaptations are quite common and encouraged.
  • Trademark and Registered Trademark symbols - the ® and ™ are used on the main three inside jokes of the DHD community. They can also be used as an extra qualifier for any word used after "teh". Use &#174 (®) for the registered trademark symbol and &#153 (™) for the unregistered trademark symbol.
  • VBS'er - A DHD community member. Short for vacation bible school. Frisch lurks the DHD comment board and found a mention of a member sending kids to vacation bible school, or VBS. In a post, she called the DHD community "the lynch mob from the Vacation Bible School," which was then shortened to VBS'er in the comments. Also a reference to a BS'er, one who bullshits.
  • Army of Gerbils - the DHD community, adapted from a comment from a defender of Ms. Frisch on her blog. With gerbil size keyboards tapping certain function keys, the army of gerbils is able to influence Frisch's behavior. A reference to Glenn Reynolds' book, An Army of Davids.
  • Gerbil Nation - the name of the DHD community once it moved to Teh Squeaky Wheel, or TSW.
  • Debmentia - 1. the addiction to any and all things related to teh crazy® 2. the description of Frisch's logic used in her political ramblings, very closely related to Bush Derangement Syndrome.
  • Frischwreck - pun adapted from trainwreck, the set of circumstances surrounding Frisch's deteriorating personal and professional life.
  • Teh-rapy - adapted from therapy in the usual DHD style, the act of commenting on DHD or posting comments that have been rejected by Frisch on her blog.
  • Deborrhea - Frisch's rants using teh crazy®.
  • Debosphere - the small subset of the blogosphere interested and related to the doings, writings, and commentary on Frisch.
  • Tim's Conjecture - the mathematical description of the probability teh crazy® will begin is inversely proportional to Frisch's site's hit count (H), multiplied by the Frisch factor. The Frisch factor (currently) is defined to be the time (t) between teh crazy® outbursts multiplied by her egocentricity (e). Prob(teh crazy®)=t*e/H.
  • Schadenfrisch - the act of feeling joy over Ms. Frisch's pathetic circumstances.
  • Frischetious - Sounding sincere in the initial script of a comment to Ms. Frisch while actually setting up a veiled pun.
  • Bar Frischvah (Bat Frischvah for women) - The celebration of the first visit by Ms. Frisch to one's blog, where she leaves a comment which includes her usual allegations of pedophilia and stories which can be classified as kiddie porn or gay porn.
  • Frischening - from to frischen, the event of Ms. Frisch bestowing a new nickname on a member of the Gerbil Nation, based on some adaptation of his or her online handle.
  • Jeff Goldstein's House - moniker for Ms. Frisch's 5 acre ranch in Eugene, Oregon. Alluding to the impending ownership of said property after all settlements and legal fees have been paid in the (as yet) pending legal proceedings.
  • pawthetic - a reference to how pathetic Teh Deb is...based on her (now defunct) blog, "South(west) Paw."
  • Homeland Security Deb Frisch Alert Levels - (also DebCon Levels as a reference to the NORAD Defcon levels 1 through 5)
    • Green - Sober: All is good. She's in a coma
    • Blue - Buzzed: She's awake, but suffering from vodka induced brain fog.
    • Yellow - Hammered: Random poo flinging. No clear target.
    • Orange - Batfrisch: Target identified, but reason not clear. Name calling and goofy spelling escalated.
    • Red - Yeeargh!: Absolutely batfrisch crayzee. Hide the children. Contact local law enforcement.

    (credit to illinoisrepublican)

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